Startup Visa Program

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After multiple consultations with immigration consultants, immigration lawyers, we have arrived at a system that is much more likely to be successful than applying through regular channels. We support the candidates through the process of ensuring the correct documents are assembled, the business plan is rigorously created and reviewed and finally that the training and support program is second to none. By supporting the top candidates in the process, we have the opportunity to create successful businesses for the program attendees. The StartUp Visa Program is a relatively new program of Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship department. The details of the program can be found here:

1. Complete the basic requirements by filling out the form on our website

This is the Basic Application form that must be completed and submitted to determine your for the Canadian Start Up Visa program. The fee for this part of the program (CDN $1500) is non-refundable.

2. We will take the best applications to the next stage. For a fee of $15000 (CDN), we will help you create a business plan that will satisfy Requirements as well as Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

CANStartup will review the business idea you submit. If you need assistance evaluating business ideas, CANStartup has a number of high potential business ideas that could also be considered. In either case, CANStartup will take time to discuss and evaluate the business plan options with you.

The business plan must conform to the expectations and multiple revisions are expected with the input from the business leaders of CANStartup . A significant amount of time with you will also be scheduled, to review, revise and ultimately approve the final plan.

Once all input has been gathered and your business plan created, it will be submitted  for an official Letter of Support.

Once the Letter of Support is complete, it will be given to the Zemp Law Office. CANStartup will review your file with the Zemp Law Office and begin preparing the Zemp Law team for your case. If for any reason, the business plan is unable to receive approval from CANStartup will refund 50% of your deposit for the Business Plan stage. If however, you for any reason, terminate the immigration process with CANStartup at this stage, you will forfeit the complete Business Plan Fee.

3. Submission to Zemp Law Office & Business Set Up

You will work directly with the Zemp Law Office to prepare your immigration documentation.  Once the immigration documentation is complete, it will be submitted, along with the Business Plan and Letter of Support to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  

Meanwhile, CANStartup will create the joint Startup company. This is an entirely new company that will have the sole purpose of fulfilling the business plan. You will be the majority shareholder and will be directing the activities of the company with support from CANStartup business professionals.

We will take an additional fee at this stage, to create the company as well as place a deposit  for your program fees.

After the company has been legally created, CanStartup will begin assembling the team that will be working with Candidate on the new business. The team composition will depend on the business idea, but will likely have software developers, business leaders, project managers and relocation specialists. CanStartup will require a deposit to enable all of the work. If necessary, CanStartup will also communicate with IRCC regarding the business plan.

4. Program Begins!

Onced approval has been received from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, we will work with you to organize your dates for relocation and register you for classes.  You will pay your final program fee to CANStartup and begin the plans to start your company in Canada.